ip address from Facebook

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ip address from Facebook
ive been getting nasty fake profile msgs on FaceBook but who ever it is has since deleted the facebook account just says facebook user and cant access anything their account or anything anyway my friend said she can trace the i.p address and find out who it was.. is this true?? can she just access peoples ip address


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Re: ip address from Facebook

Your friend is so full of sh!t I can smell her from here..
First of all, Facebook does not make user's IP address info available.. Especially for an accound that is deleted. So, unless she is some kind of worlds-greated-elite hacker, she can't get the IP.
Even if she DID get the IP address, the IP is WORTHLESS for anything other than getting a general idea of where the person is located and that's ONLY IF the person is on a home internet connection (not a mobile device).. So what she would have to do after hacking into Facebook like nobody on earth has ever done is then hack into the internet service provider's system OR get a judge to sign a court-order to force the internet service provider to turn over the customer's info..

Either your friend is lying to your face or she is so stupid she doesn't even know what she is saying.

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