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Today is Monday and it is HOT.

It feels like August here in California. My kids this morning are now sorry that they argued with me at 7am this morning. daughter ladybug just had to wear her Hello Kitty turtleneck sweater and daughter bear wanted to wear her long sleeve velour dress. Tried to tell them they would melt today but, decided to pack a bottle of water in their backpack instead of having war with them .How much do you want to bet next time I tell them it will be a hot day they will take my advice in their wardrobe choice? yep. That's what I thought too. I am planning for a birthday party on the 14th for an older woman that my mom cares for.. She will be 85.

I am known as the cake lady around here. I took classes when my oldest two were little. It has since become a passion of mine. I love confection artistry now. I have helped coordinate parties and weddings and special events. It's a blast. So, here it is hot as heck outside and I am baking cakes. I have already constructed the lavendar and white lilies. The birthday gal is a very sweet lady. She used to be a professional clown. I love to walk the hallways of her home and see her life displayed on the walls. I think that is why I love to help my mom in her companion business. I could and have sat for hours just listening to their stories of life and kids and grandkids. I love to see their emotion and passion while these beautiful men and woman tell me of their lives through their photo albums one by one. Both sets of my grandparents have gone to be with God now. I loved listening to their stories of the Good old days. I guess adopting some of my mom's clients as my own helps to fill that void. There is one man who is 92. He still lives on his own. Mind you it is in a assisted living apartment complex but, for his age that is great. I visit him for an hour or two on Thursday mornings. I just make sure that he is talking to me coherently, has food to last a week and do some light housekeeping for him. I usually bring a basket or gift bag of baked goodies. The best part of visiting him is he gets all dressed up for my visit. We go to the lobby and have coffee in their sitting room. But, he dresses in a 3 piece suit. His shoes are so shiny you can see your reflections in them. He tips his hat at me and uses his cane to help us find our way for a cup or two. I leave him to talk to his friends for a few minutes while I mop and vacuum for him.

I just love to see these special people. It is so very true that you can re-live your childhood through your children. But, it is also true that you can help someone enjoy all over again the beautiful life that God gave them just by listening. I am not quite sure why I began to ramble on about this topic. but, if you want to make the difference in someone's life most convalescent centers offer a special service called adopt a grandparent. It only takes a few hours a week commitment to visit and bring a little something for them to brag about to their roommates. It will help them with some lonely days and it will give you a new sense of compassion and well, love.




I would love to hear some feedback from readers out here. If anyone else feels as I do. But, I can't seem to figure out how to able comments on this blog... ugh

* my disclaimer~ I am not truly unstable .. just somedays a bit overworked.




Ah Thanks for the kind words. i like to hear that special people still play an important part of others lives no matter how old we are or how long they have been with us only in heart

Leave them wondering~

Hey Green,

What an awesome blog! You're a wonderful person to help cure the most dreaded ailment most of us can think of: loneliness. Up until two years ago I had all four of my grandparents. I was closest to my Grandaddy (my Mom's Dad). We were bosom buddies - and I've missed him so much since he passed 2 years, 2 months, and 1 week ago.

At 38 years old, I've began to think it was immature of me to continue to miss him so much, but somehow reading your blog has helped the healing process. 

Thanks for sharing you. Wink


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit. -Aristotle

I would have to say the sarcastic unstable part comes in when you have 30 things to do in an hour and you can't even call your child by the right name.. you know what I mean.. when all of a sudden the oldest is renamed the youngest and you don't realize you've been doing it until they ask.. hey mom, you ok? LOL 

Leave them wondering~

Hey Green, You really brought back some special memories. I never knew either set of grandparents, but i did have a great uncle archie...and he was the best. thanks for s great post..i needed that! juliek

Thanks Lynn.. Aren't they just beautiful people? I am happy you know where I am coming from. My husband not so much.. A few of the clients can be ... umm grumps.. What a great thing to do Lynn. I love it. I have been keeping my eyes open for a few more clients just like the man you wrote about. I love that his mind is so full of life that he still chooses to write .

You have such a loving heart Lynn

Leave them wondering~

Dear Green,

You are indeed a wonderful and caring person. I know how you feel. And I know why you do it. I have some friends down the street that live in an apartment complex. They are all elderly. And the stories they can tell.

I often wondered if I did this because I never saw my grandmothers very much. We were always traveling. My grandma Helen died the year my son was born and I have missed her so much. She did live with us for a few years before we left to live in England. I lost one grandfather while we were in England and the other, well, let's just say he passed away because he wasn't happy with life.

Losing these friends is like losing a member of the family. And the fact that they get dressed and ready for you. It's wonderful.

I just saw an ad today from an elderly gentlemen writer who needs someone to stay with him during the day for 3 hours two times a week and I wrote the number down. He needs someone with computer skills. I imagine to do his typing for him. I could do this quite easily as my husband tells me what to type and I get done typing before he can think his next thought for all of his daily reports.

Thank you Green for a lovely posting.


If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

yeah! comments.. I guess ask and you shall receive...

Leave them wondering~

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