Question about MyBrute TOURNAMENT

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Question about MyBrute TOURNAMENT

I Register for the tournaments daily with but it never tells me which fights I am in if any. It says Tournament of 16 April 2009 Brute successfully registered. First fight maximum at 4h. I don't get it other people have it so it says if they win or lose...


Re: Question about MyBrute TOURNAMENT

This means the tournament hasn't started yet.  Wait a few more hours and it will begin.

In your cell, in the same space that you registered for the tournament it will show if you won or lost your match.  If you won, it will let you know who your next opponent is, with a link to their cell so you can see what you're in for.

Also, win or lose, you will be allowed to click on the result of the match to watch your brute fighting the opponent.

If you win your match, one hour later, you'll fight your next opponent.  Another hour later you'll fight again if you won previously and so on.


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i used to play Mybrute all day but it got bored with it a long time ago

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