Tracing a child's phone from your video

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Tracing a child's phone from your video
You have great instruction for tracing my child's iPhone and setting up a second account. The only thing not explained is when I should be following instructions using my child's phone or am I doing everything on my phone. Forgive me as I am a 59 year old mother who wants to keep track of my 15 years and need everything g explained. Am I supposed to do everything on my sons phone or on some on his phone and then use my phone. Very confused please help. Thank you. Marlene


Re: Tracing a child's phone from your video

That page about adding the 2nd account is old and Apple has since changed things so you can no longer add a second account.
Now the best way is to create a "Family Sharing" account. You can then use the Find My iPhone app or webpage to track the location of the phone. For more info on Family Sharing, see this page at Apple: Apple Family Sharing Page.

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