View unprotected webcams through a simple string in google.

Good fun you can have viewing unprotected webcams and other webcams with simple strings of text in Google. Peek at the world through unprotected internet web cameras. I used the multi web camera frame 1st & i hopped on a live webcam called "Network Camera PoochiePool".  Its like a doggie daycare center where you can keep on eye on your pets there.  The page refreshes every 30sec(s), so there is always a fresh shot.  Anyhoo -i grabbed a screenshot of the daycare...too cute right?   These are the strings you can use in google search:

TAGs: Web cams, webcamera, unprotected camera, unprotected




These cams are fun thank you!

Wow that doggie daycare is nicer than a lot of human daycares! Posh poochs..;)

girl you come up with the most amazing stuff!

hmmmm -mine didnt.  did anyone else's? i even had a friend do the strings & she didnt get an message prompting her to download activex.



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Awesome post!!!very interesting what you can find on Google when you play!!

Each ask that you install a ActiveX...............should that be done? or can it be done safely?? sorry for the silly question!



yeah i used the one search string awhile ago, i seen it on another board.....i was watching a security cam that was facing on a dorm builing.....the things you see with the curtains open was cool too because you can zoom and spin the camera........Thank you ever-so much for the others

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