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Diaper Genie

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Diaper Genie
Reviewed by: Christina (Grown Up Geek staff-member)
Purchase date: March 2005
Purchased from: BabiesRUs (online)
Price paid: $29.99
Overall grade/comments: The best diaper disposer we've tried; cutting blade wore out after about 1 year

We purchased the Diaper Genie after trying the Diaper champ which did nothing to prevent the constant stink of dirty diapers. We did not expect the Diaper Genie to perform much better than the Diaper Champ, but we were pleasantly surprised!

Diaper Genie: no more smelly diapers!

The secret to the success of the Diaper Genie is it's twistaway action. Each time you put a dirty diaper into the Diaper Genie you twist the lid 3 or 4 times. This twisting wraps each diaper in a link-sausage-like fashion, effectively sealing each diaper. This twist-sealing in plastic eliminates odors almost 100%.

Diaper Genie: No assembly required!

The Diaper Genie comes fully assembled. The only work required before use is dropping-in the plastic refill pack. To 'install' the refill-pack you simply pull the plastic through the doughnut-like center, tie the bottom in a simple knot, and drop it into the top of the Diaper Genie. This was a bit daunting at first, but after 2 tries it became very simple - even for me!

Diaper Genie: Easy to dispose of smelly diapers

Emptying the Diaper Genie is easy. Push down the "cutting" button and twist the lid a few times until the cutter button pops back up. This cuts-away the dirty diapers from the remaining plastic in the refill pack and allows you to then press the release button on the bottom of the Diaper Genie, releasing the offending diapers. It all seems much more complicated that it really is, but the entire process is fast, easy and clean.

Diaper Genie: Worth the cost of the refill-packs

We initially did not purchase the Diaper Genie because we were concerned about the long-term cost of the refill-packs. But after trying the alternative for a few months (the Diaper Champ) which uses regular garbage-bags, and provides virtually no 'smell protection', we tried the Diaper Genie. Although we do pay a few dollars every 3 months for refill packs, the cost is well worth it! Since switching to the Diaper Genie, we smell virtually no more smelly diapers! For us, this extra few dollars every three or four months is well worth it.

Diaper Genie: The downsides

Overall we are very happy with our Diaper Genie and would recommend it to anyone that is tired of dealing with smelly diapers, but there are a few minor problems. First, the Diaper Genie is small. We can fit only about 10-12 diapers into it before it's full. For us, this amounts to about 5 days of changing diapers (most changes are done at the day-care during the day). Our recommendation to the Diaper Genie people: Make a larger model!
Secondly, the cutting blade on our Diaper Genie seems to have died after about one year of use. Now, in order to empty the Diaper Genie we have to use a pair of scissors to cut the plastic wrap before emptying it. Not a big deal for me, since my husband usually empties it, but he indicates that manually cutting the plastic is a pain.

Diaper Genie: Overall impressions

We are very happy with our Diaper Genie and recommend it to anyone searching for a no-smell dirty diaper solution. Hopefully the Diaper Genie company will make a larger version available.



We got a diaper genie about 3 months ago and so far we love it! it stays clean and climates virtually all the smelly diaper stink!

highly recommended!

I recently got one, I like it, but how do you keep it from leaking?

I love mine.  I have never had a problem with it leaking.  Your supposed to tie a knot at the bottom, and I always double knot.

I just got a diaper genie and im having a problem properly placing the refill. can someone tell me how to do it step by step please! thanks in advance.

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