Car stalls idling

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Car stalls idling

I own a 1991 Holden Jackaroo DLX - Petrol.

I have just had a service and fixed a broken flange gasket seal. Two days later it was running on 3 cylinders, replaced a lead from spark plug to dizzy and fixed the problem. Took the car home and all was good, then two days later I stopped in town waiting for my partner to finish work with the car idling and the engine slowed right down as if it was struggling for about 5 seconds, then it revved back up to normal idle speed. 30 seconds later it did the same thing but stalled as the result. Been sitting for a few days now trying to figure out what to do with it. Will do the same thing when started cold. Air filter and Oil filter were just replaced 2 weeks ago.

Please help!


Re: Car stalls idling

It could be any of a million different things. There is no way someone on the internet can tell you what it is.
It might be time for a new car based on all the things going wrong with it.

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