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Re: Rename PDF File

Found some freeware that does exactly what you want. The only problem is you may encounter a few password protected files... There were about 4 of mine that I was unable to change, but the majority were super easy.

Re: Rename PDF File

My pdf file is not working when I renamed it ..
What should I do please if you do not mind help me ???

Re: Rename PDF File

What kind of device and operating system are you using?
Did you change the extension when you renamed it?
What happens when you try to open it?

Re: Rename PDF File

My problem is different; When I rename a PDF file and save it to a folder, when I go to search in the folder by key word, it will not find the word in any of the renamed files. It is like, renaming somehow disables key word search. If the PDF file name remains as it was named originally by the creator of the file, key word search within a folder works. thank you.

Re: Rename PDF File

How do I name my pdf files so that they are in monthly sequence, like in bank statements. When I put in date they are sorted by the number so they are not listed from jan thru dec...all the jan are together, then all the feb are together. Any tips?


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