IP/Phone Number Match

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IP/Phone Number Match

I play an MMO....like many others, quit laughing. Anyway, a friend had their account stolen. When this happened, google notified my friend. The notification included device model and IP number.

To delve into this further, there is a suspect in the matter and their phone number is known. Is there any way to match an IP address to a phone, or a phone number to an IP address?

This is a time sensitive matter as Mobile IP's change regularly.


Re: IP/Phone Number Match

There is no public system or service to 'match' an IP to a phone number. There are services that you could use to send an email to the suspect that when opened will show you their IP but you would have to hope he opened the email on his phone.. and, if he opens it on his phone from a different Wifi or even a different phone service cell, the IP would have changed..
So basically, it's not going to happen.

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