Shared_platform_default on Facebook

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Shared_platform_default on Facebook

I have my FaceBook acct setup to email me when changes happen, i.e., passwords changed, unrecognized devices, status, etc... Facebook shows my Primary email as my main Yahoo acct & it's the ONLY email acct listed to be notified of any changes. However, I've been recently receiving emails of changes/unrecognized in my Gmail acct that's not even listed on my FaceBook acct at all. I've checked "my FaceBook activity" on the dates my Gmail received notifications but there isn't any activities showing. I checked "my FaceBook recognized devices" & I've noticed there is a device "shared_platform_default" but I have no idea what that is. I'm hoping you can shed some light on what this could be


Re: Shared_platform_default on Facebook

it sounds like there is another account setup using your gmail account..
try this.. log out of Facebook then go through the "i forgot my password' thing - when asked enter your gmail email address and see if you get an email to reset/get logged in to the account.

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Re: Shared_platform_default on Facebook

Shared platform default, popped up as a log in on Facebook. An IPhone 10 4 shows, when in fact, I have and iPhone 8. I hope this not much of a concern. I always opt out of using linux

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