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I have been receiving calls and texts with inappropriate messages. I want to know the person's identity so I can look out for them. I am not sure if the situation is a safety risk or someone just being really ignorant. The number is from the Text Now app., and in order to legally get their information I must get in touch with local law enforcement to subpoena the information and submit to Canada.

Is there a way to search for the vicinity of the IP address? I do not need their exact location, just a range so I can get an idea of the person's identity.

Thank you!


Re: Text Now

You would have to get the IP of the person using the app, which you have already seen will not be easy to do, legally or not. But if/when you do ever get the IP you will only be able to get the location of the ISP (inter net company's) local office. This will never be more accurate than a general location (city/county) of where the person is, but sometimes it may be thousands of miles away - for example if they use AOL, the location will always show as Virginia.

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