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Has anybody used the app “Parentwise”? I have no worries about whether or not it can track locations, since tracking the phone’s location is pretty normal. What I want to know is does it work on iPhone AND Android? Can the app be hidden or can you prevent it from being uninstalled?
If i install it on my daughter’s phone to track her location, it would be useless if she can just delete it.


Janice in Ohio
Re: Parentwise app review

Parentwise only runs on Android - there is no version for IOS. They've been promising an IOS version for quite a while, but it's not here yet.
The website says nothing on their 'features' and "faq' section about the children not being able to delete, uninstall or disable the app, but it does say a lot about how Parentwise "encourages trust" between you and your sneaky kids.. So it sounds like the kinds can easily uninstall or disable the app, but that is just a guess based on the lack of information given at ..

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