chicken bones for babies to chew ?

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Re: chicken bones for babies to chew ?

Maybe that's why the cave people are not around

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Re: chicken bones for babies to chew ?
Lol...i chewed chicken bones...n my happy lil 11month old boy is chewing one as a mom of 3 n i have done the same with the other children as well...he just gums it n gnaws it til the yummy chicken flavor is gone...under supervision of course....honestly the choking risk is minimal. ..its not a bone with the gristle still on it...just a bone...maybe a few scraps of meat on it for older babies. my big boy just tossed his bone as im typing yall worry too much...
Re: chicken bones for babies to chew ?
Chicken bones for teething has been passed down generations in my family and we all continue to do it with our children. I have given my 3-month old 3 chicken leg bones so far, with no meat. (About a week a part). My daughter was born with a tooth in her mouth and started teething at the end of two months. The frozen wash cloth didn't work, all sorts of teething rings and pacifiers frozen didn't work. I started putting her regular pacifiers in the freezer and they only worked for as long as they stayed cool in her mouth (About a minute), baby orajel did not work, teething natural tablets did not work. I exhausted everything I knew of, and then the chicken bone---WORKED WONDERS!!!
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Re: chicken bones for babies to chew ?
My husbands grandma gave my baby a chicken bone and even a ham bone once and it SCARED ME TO DEATH. I think its absolutely insane. I wouldnt even sit there and gnaw on a darn chicken bone I barely want to put my teeth on it to get the meat off when im eating one. JUST PLAIN GROSS. It makes me angry that they still try to give them to her.
Re: chicken bones for babies to chew ?

I won't give my dog a chicken bone to chew on! No way I'll give one to my baby!

Re: chicken bones for babies to chew ?

Correct, you don't give a dog chicken bones even a chicken leg bone because they have very strong jaws sharp teeth and it could splinter and hurt them. A baby teeth less or not is a different story.
Babies can not splinter a leg bones. This being said, the leg bone must have all cartilage removed etc and then I put it in fridge and get it cold then only use once and throw away.
I've had all five of my children use chicken leg bones when teething over senthetic plastic chemically made toys. It may be old fashion, and yes some of those old fashion ideas aren't always the best choice but when your friends, co workers and your own great experiences look like old fashion remedies and they work...never seen anyone have any problems with it well... You keep doing it. I prefer natural anyday over plastic. But I will say when I hear of someone who had a bad experience with chicken leg bones ( obviously you can't walk away when feeding your child, you stay right by their side) then I'll dump the bone in the trash.
Just my feelings on this. Sounds crazy I get it, but when you've seen it over and over work, so well -you feel differently about anything. I feel It's safe, and healthy. thank you!

Re: chicken bones for babies to chew ?

Seriously you are all over protective parents let your kids live sheesh! The doctor went to school for 7+ years if you think you know more then him your idiots! Chicken bones are great for babies theeting they love them! There is no way the weak jaws of a baby can break a chicken bone to make it splinter. You people are helicopter parents whose kids will grow up with major mental and life coping problems because they were sheltered so fiercely from the real world! Let your kids live a little and experience life! We all survived a lot worse!

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Re: chicken bones for babies to chew ?

I thought my husband was nuts when he told me thats what his mother. grand mother and all mothers he knew did. My 2nd and 3rd child used fully cooked and cleaned large leg bones to teeteth on. They can hold it ,bite down on it and it worked 100%. My husband wasn't crazy. The kids did not choke, or die and the chicken bone did not splinter or fall apart. It was perfect and took away the pain for them. I learned something new.


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