Myspace for your cat or dog ;)

For the dogs:



For the kitty cats:

i have 3 kitty's,  so im on catster ;)   the doggies are cutie pies too







 LOL!!!  thats an idea you guys!!!  ;)



i agree what about iguanster or geckoster lol

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OMG! Now I've seen everything...but wait, what about fishster or hamsterster??? This just isn't fair to the whole animal kingdom...

oh no - i know you werent ;)  a purse? no.   a "fashionable" carrier? yes.   i just hope they care for them "behind the scenes" too ;)


--. And remember, no matter where you go, there you are . --

wasnt trying to be mean. I just think some people take the love of their pet too far. Yes i consider my pet a part of the family. Do i think you should carry a dog around in a purse no. It may work for some but does not work for me. But is very cute!

i  disagree. 


--. And remember, no matter where you go, there you are . --

This tells me one of two things about the creator of these websites. 1. They obviously have way too much time on there hands and two they idolize there pets. Which is cool and all but some people take it a little far.

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