How to see a myspace friend's birthdate???

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How to see a myspace friend's birthdate???

hey guys...i have a random question...n im praying someone can help!!! How do u view a myspace friends birthdate??This person is my friend on myspace....but theyre profile has absolutely nothing in it...n i have a feeling on who it may be...thing is i need to know his exact birthdate...but he's not an upcoming there any way i can check when it exactly is , that way i will know for sure if this person is who i think it may be...please if you do not mind help guys...the zodiac, name,and hometown match who i think it is....but the age is dif...if this person has the bday i kno, then i think i'll be pretty sure who it is..thanks guys i hope u can help!!



Re: How to see a myspace friend's birthdate???

the only way you can see a friends birthday is if they have allowed their friends to be able to see it in their settings......or you can make a fake profile with the same month b-day, start chatting and then outright ask them, lol......good luck..

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