saving images online to my pc

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saving images online to my pc

i was surfing on a site where a pop-up window for a chosen image appeared after clicking that image,......but on this pop up window when i right click the mouth, nothing showed up drop list appeared, the thing is that i want to save that image on my pc

anyone can help!!
thanks and best regards


saving an image to your PC

that webpage was probably using Java to display the image - making it very difficult to save it to your PC. they probably did this because the image is copyrighted and they don't want you to save it .. There are ways to get around that (and break copyright law). one way might be to do a screen-capture. there also probably programs out there designed to help with this also..

if I wanted to make an image

if I wanted to make an image hard to download, I'd make a div

<div style="background: url(; width: 400px; height: 300px"> </div>

to get around this, check source and search for "url("; then grab the (...) and post it into your address bar.

if they did it with Java, and not CSS, then I have no idea.

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