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Firefox 2

Has anyone upgraded yet? and if so have you had any issues? Has anyone had any isses with extensions? If so post your issues or extensions that seem to not work.


Firefox 2 is out ?

well, i'm not going to be the first to try it - so someone be brave and tell us how it works!

is there a Mac version?

also curious

I just started using Firefox 1! I'm curious on what this is about.

Firefox v2 for Mac (working great so far!)

ok.. i was afraid, but the Geek in me took over..
I got the new Firefox V2 for Mac, and so far it's working great! it has a nicer 'cleaner' look, and the bookmark icons are prettier..
Other than that, i dont see any real difference.. but, i've only been using it for 3 minutes.. if anything goes haywire, i'll report back..

Windows users, let us know how it's running! (that is, if you have time between getting your antivirus updates, cleaning spyware, and doing all that other 'windows stuff' )

Firefox 2 for Mac - fixes a bug

on the previous version of Firefox for Mac 1.5.7, I could not shut-down with firefox running - the Mac would just sit and wait until i did a full (proper) exit of Firefox.. Now with Firefox 2 i can do a shut-down with firefox open and everything works as expected..


Well atleast in Windoze you can do SOMETHING...or atleast even right click :p

Besides..if you know what your doing spyware, viruses, etc... for the most part aren't an issue.

spyware, virii & Macs..

i know what i'm doing, and you're right, they have not been an issue.. BUT, i have had to think about it,and constantly be on-guard against them.. and for the AVERAGE user (not elite's like you and me), spyware and Virii ARE an issue..
Now, with my iMac, i dont even have to THINK or WORRY about them.. i am free to use my computer to do the things i want to do :-)


I'm sorry I just like to give MAC users a hard time :p I can't talk much, I've only used a MAC like twice in my 19 years. But from what I hear they are very good for what the majority of people use them for.

I have only hung around a slim variety of Linuxs'(?) and Windows...

P.S. and in my above statement I didn't mean YOU like literally...I just meant like generally speaking you...

Virus's do not concern Mac's

Virus's do not concern Mac's because virus writers don't spend time writing such things for such a small segment of the computer market. Just like Firefox as soon as it gets big, (more than 20% of the market)they will attack it full force. The reason Firefox is so secure now is the fact it is small and first adapters are using it for the most part. That means people who have a certain amount of experience are using Firefox and they are computer savvy enough to protect themselves. Once grandma is using Firefox watch out it will be probed in every way to find weaknesses and they will be found just like IE.

Very True

Very true..

"there are two trains of thought when it comes to writing programs; the first is to make is simple so it's obvious there's no problems, the other is to make it so complex that there are no obvious problems."~some guy (rough paraphrase)
sorry, but I like the KISS Theory (even though it should be called a design concept and not a theory, but hey.... lets not split hairs here


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