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Firefox 2

Ok so I have been using FF2 for 10 days now and I can say it is great. All of the major extensions were updated prior to release Adblock, ForecastFox, Greasemonkey, NoScript, Flashgot, and FoxyTunes,most other major goodies were updated this week chief among them was FasterFox. So what makes this version so much cooler besides the smoother interface already mentioned? Well its simple SPELL CHECK FF2 will spell check everything. No more limiting your vocabulary because you can't spell that fancy word antidisestablishmentarianism. So I really do hope more people make the switch its a nice clean browser and if for some odd reason you crash your computer guess what? it remembers the page you were on, so if you are surfing GG for MySpace codes and you have a malfunction when you restart FF2 you come right back to the page you were viewing.

FF2 Session Saver

Hey bud,

What you are experiencing when Firefox crashs is what was known as Session Saver for the previous version of Firefox. It was an extension that you could get so when you had like 10 tabs open, and you closed Firefox it would reopen the tabs like you never closed it. Session Saver; it's amazing.

Last I checked though they haven't released it for FF2 yet. But they have apparently built a small feature of that into the new FF2 so it would save your last page, as you described above...

I also LOVE the default theme of FF2, it looks so clean and nice. =)

I have been running Firefox for about 3 years now I think.


Ok so I am enjoying my FF2 but at work our IT guru insists on IE. He has decided that we are all going to be on IE7 now so surfing the internet is a chore. I downloaded IE7 it seems when my computer updated, and it sucks. I am glad there is an IE Tab for Firefox because I still use some sites that won't join the 22nd century. I did notice something about IE7 that made me wonder if Bill Gates is insane. He is charging for add-ons to IE7, he makes 4million$ a day just on interest and he is allowing people to charge for add-ons to his very weak imitation of Firefox. This is just greed, did he steal the refresh button only to sell it back to me later as an add-on? How can you make a browser with no refresh button? Oh well I am ranting because I am kinda tired of hearing people ask for codes that are dead and thought maybe people would like to talk about something else LOL. Have fun everyone and if anyone finds any cool new extensions for Firefox (or Grease monkey scripts)let me know.

FireFox 2??

Where do I get it?

FireFox 2


Dont forget to come back and post how the install goes and how you like it!


I'm on dial up right now, so I'll let you know how I like it in like...7 hours or so...lucky me.

Its actually a very small

Its actually a very small download, but all the extensions you will want will take a whopping 26 minutes on dial-up ;) I would suggest the first 2 extensions you download would be no script and ad-block, then download fasterfox which will help a lot if you are on dial-up. Hope you enjoy Firefox.

This is the link, I don't

This is the link, I don't think the geek will mind this link to another product. (if I am wrong sorry Geek)


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