Is The GuG still running SLOWW ?

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Is The GuG still running SLOWW ?

The last 24 hours have been record-breaking, and server-breaking! We've had more registered members online since yesterday than any other time EVER - and since logged-in members take more system resources than anonymous visitors, the server has been straining to keep up.. so you might have noticed page-load times being slightly longer (ok, a LOT longer) than usual..

about an hour ago i made yet more changes to the server to try and re-distribute CPU resources and memory, and things seem to be chugging along much smoother now..

so, sorry about the slow page-load times in the last day, and does it seem any faster now??



Re: Is The GuG still running SLOWW ?

yes it is faster :)


Re: Is The GuG still running SLOWW ?

i did happen to catch your "test *words words* 3 second" post. opening a thread is and has been quick for me. posting a response is where i notice drag.


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