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Bypass Yahoo's

Ok, so i've been addicted to yahoo answers, i'm not sure if anyone participates in it.
People ask questions and others answer it, but they have a limited amount of how much they can participate based on their "level", in that day.
I was wondering if anyone has or will consider (maybe take a quick wizz look ;) ) sharing any information of bypassing these timed scoring system. I know everything is reset after 3AM.

i couldn't find any sources that were helpful


Re: Bypass Yahoo's

Oh I love Yahoo answers!

I don't know how to bypass the system, I've never seen the need. I think I'm at Level 3 and that's a LOT of answering! I did max out a few times early on, though.

Just like here, I'm answering a lot more than asking but there sure is a wide range of experience that you have answering stuff when you do ask! And some of the questions? I stick to what I know, words/wordplay and the health/beauty stuff. "Is it true that if I shave off my eyebrows they'll grow back thicker?" WHAT?! Good lord, the stuff people ask!Surprised

So I can't help you as far as bypassing, it's likely quite secure. But you're not alone over there!  


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