Hey Gugs welcome my friend Lestat100585

He is a friend from way back in the day. A really good guy and did I mention cute ladies?! HAHAHA I know how some of you female GUGS can be Laughing.. Seriously though I think he would make a great memeber of the GUG family . Hes very intelligent when it comes to computers and such. We are always in need of good people here and hes also Drama free! So no pitter patter crap being scooted. OK thought I would let everyone know!

Oh and im getting super ticked off right now ! Im trying to make diaper wipe cases and my fingers are about melted off now thanks to my glue gun. So if anyone can start making me a prosthetic hand out of platinum I would love you forever!.. LATER CHEESE TOASTIE FLOPILOPIGUSS'S

Oh and P.S. Dont forget I make up all my blogs they are all a lie dont believe a word I say my life is so hard and Ive been through more than you WAHH WAHH I'll go be emo and cut my wrists now.. HHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA




 Welcome Lestat!

You are a cutie...just checked your myspace profile out! HOT! hee hee hee! Laughing

Thanks to downgirl too for showing you the way of the GUG!

Welcome to the family!  



I have a fetish for HOT GEEKS!

 Can I goo goo ga ga after you?  hahaha....lol...couldn't help it downgirl, you look so easy.....to be friends with.  :)

 Hi friend of emodowngirl! 




If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

Welcome, welcome! you'll love it here! I do!

Welcome to GUG Lestat100585, you're going to love it here... I know you have all the help in the world already but if I can help with anything let me know... Have fun...

or hate me either way works for me hahaha!


"If everybody is thinking alike then nobody is thinking"

...now get to work! kidding. go enjoy the site and let us know if you need any assistance navigating it.


Tuna ><((((*> the other white meat!

Thank you ever-so much everyone... :D

Subtlety seems to be her speciality, I think thats why she's liked so much around here...

Welcome to GuG! 

fabulous! welcome Lestat100585! any friend of downgirl's is a friend of the 2na.natorCool. i'm on 24/7 and would be delighted to answer any "how to" inquiries you may have or at least point you in the right thread direction.  downgirl - kudos to you babe for referring your friend to GUG. *kiss baby boo for me*


Tuna ><((((*> the other white meat!

very subtle downgirl2182... thank you so very much though... :)

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