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You know it really sucks when you cannot get any kind of help. I have called every single organization in this state and I cannot receive any kind of assistance. I have been told because I am not a minority, I am not popping out all these kids and I am not 65 yrs or older there is no kind of help for me. Wtf? One place that I called told me that I need to have received and eviction letter, before they will help me. What the hell? That is what I am trying to prevent!!!

Another place had the audacity to tell me to move to California. That there is more help there. How in the hell could I possibly move there when I can barely walk and have no fricken money to move with? Let alone I do not know anybody in Cali. I just do not understand it. I never thought that I would have gotten sick. I was not born with this disease. Nobody knows how I developed this. And I definitely DO NOT WANT IT!!! I want to be able to go back to work. I want to be able to support myself and not have to ask for help. I want someone to love me for me and accept me for what faults that I do have. I just want to be me again!

Let me tell you I feel like I am the minority here, rather than a US American citizen.




since reading your blog i've been struggling with trying to remember the name of a few companies based in Cali but hire people to do call center work from home. no solicitation. no telemarketing. i read it online last year and finally the article resurfaced again. give it a look - the companies listed by msnbc are hiring right now. "LiveOps" is one of the largest and most successful. there are several corporations here where i live that use LiveOps:


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hey summer, i'm so sorry for your illness. i cn really relate because i have terminal illness, and i never thought i would be in this situation either. just a couple of thoughts tho: 1) have you been to or talked to a lawyer. a good friend of mine has ms, and he had to get a lawyer to get his benefits. the lawyer didn't require any retainer. he gets his $ after you have approved benefits. 2)have you appled for state aid? where i am, we have temporary disability insurance, and that gives you funds if you are medically disabled to work, weii, hopefully you can get some relief, and in the meantime, i'll be praying for you...juliek

well i certainly can understand your anger and admire you for not giving up..As I do know from personal experience dealing with the Laws of certain states it is a bitter hassle to get the proper help you need. I am recently seperated from my husband. with a divorce in progress. I am now a single mother of 4 great children living in a new state and 2 of my children are very seriously mentally and physically disabled they have what is known as MASA syndrome and I am working full time and trying to get benefits for them and it is like pulling teeth from some of these people. I know my children as well as you have rights to certain things and was wondering what type of help you are looking for? Financial,Medical or other? I am not trying to be nosey I am just curious.. I do know that their are laws for people with disabilities and laws that protect them and certain things you can get by just looking deeper within the local government and state government. you said you have MS ..I am so sorry as I know it is hard. try looking into these web sites and see if you get anywhere. and again if you can tell me what state you are in I have a small database collected for my own personal use with all types of national help links on it and a few different states (i have moved a few times) I might be able to help you more. If you can let me know a little bit more of what you are looking for I might be able to help..

Have you googled financial help for people with Multiple Sclerosis. There is alot out there for people with it but I dont think much of it is goverment I think its mostly non profit orginizations and at the very minimum some of the support sites and what not can probably point you in the right direction for what you can do for work/money and what help there is in your state.


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Oh geez I don't know what state your in but California is no better. I think they may give more money here to welfare because of a higher cost of living, but this state certainly doesn't have a fairness that others don't. Not that I've seen anyway. I do understand your frustration with not being given help that other people get. I have paid full price my whole way through school until this year (I reached the magical age), while a family friend my age has had her whole college paid for because she had a kid. I'm sorry, but thats rediculous.

My heart goes out to you, I'm sorry that has happened to you. 

I would never tell you to F-off for asking.  I have Multiple Sclerosis.  I get a lot "oh you are one of Jerry's kids"  NO I am not.  That is Muscular Dystrophy.



I was standing in the park, wondering why frisbees got bigger as they got closer. Then it hit me.

Not to be too nosy and you can tell me to F-off if you want but what disease do you have? 



"True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing. And in knowing that you know nothing, that makes you the smartest of all

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