Lord have mercy the drama round my part of the big woods is enough to make days of our lives and general hospital read like a childrens bedtime story...

*lol* Oh well at least I'm not bored.  On the other hand I am not pleased with adolescent behavior from 35 year old men who have their mommies call me or message me instead of doing it themselves. Somebody care to explain how this happens? For heavens sake, wake up, reach down and check..yep ya got em now use em. Are you really that scared of little ole me? why I am just a sweet innocent southern belle. Crap even I gagged as I typed that.

Have a blessed Wednesday ya'll...





there's a few scenarios

1. he was too busy dunkin' donuts to call, so he delegated it to moms.

2. mom's wanted to speak with the woman who was shagging her son

3. she actually picked up the phone...by choice, he didn't tell her to...he was busy writing a traffic ticket to an old lady and hassling the kids hanging out at the mini-mart....you know...important cop stuff.

4. but finally...isn't there a small part of you that's glad that you didn't have to talk to him this time, AND you get to look like the grown up, while he looks assanine for being to immature to call himself, even to his own mother...

i think #4 is the best one of all...which sounds like the case here... 

 hmmm. sounds like he may be a "momma's boy?" believe it or not, some good qualities do come out of men like that. 

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