Memories that cannot be forgotten...

As another holiday approached, I cannot help but think of those I lose closeness with over the past few months. Its crazy how days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. How many times can I recall that I was sitting in her bedroom laughing and having a good time? What happened to us over such a short period?


I, myself, will admit that I am bull-headed and refuse to be the only one trying to salvage a friendship. It has been longer than a few months that I started to feel the weight of the friendship on my shoulders. It turned into something that was not healthy. Smoking (not cigarettes Embarassed
), and drinking...getting a high that took me into another world. It was the only that we were able to do lately that would connect us. How foolish I was thinking that these highs can save our friendship...and what about all the money spent on weed and alcohol.


So many might ask how I can just throw away 15 years of friendship. You may not think it is that easy, but it is easier than it sounds. I have been watching our friendship deteriorate for over a year now. I am still keeping hush about the affair she had with our other friend's boyfriend. It hurts to keep such a secret from my other friend, but I must or it can cause more harm than anything else can. Therefore, I must bury it all in my landfill of memories. To think we were supposed to have a big barbeque this weekend...





Yeah these kind of things suck really badly. I actually just started to talking to an old friend with whom I had a nasty falling out, and it was mostly because I was the only one trying anymore. But she's made a big change and admitted to alot of wrong doings, I hope you can get some kind of closure or something because I know I couldn't until we started talking again. 



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