Gotta Love Karma

I should not feel a little happy about this but I do. This is what you get for doing what you did to me a couple of weekends ago. You called me today to tell me that someone wiped out your bank account. I wanted so badly to laugh and say that's what you get for doing what you did to me. But, I didn't.

Part of me actually does feel bad that happened to you, but the other part of me says karma is a bit*h. I don't want to feel bad, but I do. Why? Because I have a good heart unfortunately. And I would never want something like that to happen to you or anybody else. No matter what you have done.

I am hoping that they get the S.O.B who did this to you and you are able to recover all of your money back. But my dear, karma is a bit*h and what comes around, goes around.




You said it! KARMA!!!

-THE ONE that got away......

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