What's Your most Romantic moment?

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What's Your most Romantic moment?

*I warn you this is for the extremely Romantic a.k.a "Corny" people here at GuG. In spirit of my anniversary with Sweetness approaching, I thought I might take the time to dedicate a thread to all those lovebirds out there that want to share their most romantic moments with their significant other.

To start, I'll tell you of time that happened recently:

Watching a show on TV, they were talking about first kisses. I told my Sweetness, that the first time I kissed him, I had butterflies. He told me that the first time we kissed he had butterflies too and hasn't gotten rid of them since!


Also just yesterday, he forwarded me a text that said to describe the person, who sent you the text, in one word. So of course I text him back with "Sweetness." I didn't get a reply back, but later that day it came up and I said what happened your one word for me? And he said I have too many words too describe you, Beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, cute, adorable, caring, ...etc.


*Disclaimer:Only dare read beyond if declarations of love don't make your stomach queasy and displays of affection don't make your eyes burn.



Re: What's Your most Romantic moment?

I remember asking my hubby if he believed in love at first sight, he said "yes". I ask him, "really, when have you experienced love at first sight?". He said, " The first time I saw you walking in the office (we used to work together) with your dark hair and white skirt just flowing, you caught my eye right away, I knew when I saw you that you were going to be mine." What confidence huh? lol, but said and done, I now am his, and we're married and very much in love! Awwwww....lol. I love it when my hubby is descriptive like that!

Re: What's Your most Romantic moment?

[quote=bella22]I remember asking my hubby if he believed in love at first sight, he said "yes".[/quote]

oh yes! husband-of-mine said and still says when he first seen me in those turquoise pants, done deal. *yes, turquoise..it was the 80's!*

[quote=PhOeNiX_OaSiS]*I warn you this is for the extremely Romantic[/quote]

since this is a family site and this thread is in the wide open area, i will reserve my most romantic to the premium areas (behind closed doors) Wink!


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Re: What's Your most Romantic moment?

We've been together since she was 13.  I was 15.  This was 30 some-odd years ago so we have a long, long history and a lot of common memories.  The best one I can remember was when we finally got married in '93.  Actually it was the night BEFORE we got married.  We lived together since our 20's and didn't get married unil I was 33.  She actually pushed the issue and I did what I was told  :)  It wasn't that I didn't want to marry her.  I was committed to her - we owned a house, two cars and two cats together.. it wasn't like I was giving up any freedom - that ball and chain welded on tight.

Uh.. I think this might be another of my long stories.  Sorry about that.

So, anyway... all my life, I just dreaded a huge wedding.  I got sick to my stomach thinking about it.  And then there's the fact that I wasn't sure what would happen if I entered a church.  They don't make flame-retardent tuxedos and I would be putting others at risk with all the lightening bolts and all.  Besides, given the length of time that we've been together it seemed monumentally silly having a traditional wedding with invitations, presents, reception, bridesmaids, cats with rings and pillows, etc.

So the day I "asked" her to marry me I said, "We don't have to have one of those big weddings, do we?"  Yeah - in case you haven't noticed by now, I can be an ass.

She said she didn't care what kind of wedding she had, she just wanted to be married and start trying to have a kid.  I told her if she could do without a large production, that I would take care of everything for her not to worry about it.  A couple of days later, I told her my idea - a 2 week trip to the US Virgin Islands and we could get married down there by a judge or something.  It would cost way less than a traditional wedding and we would have a great vacation.  She was relieved at the thought of not having a big wedding and was excited with my idea.

I handled all the arrangements and the pre-wedding legal paperwork.  And during this time, I secretly planned a surprise -  I arranged with a place on St Thomas to have a beach wedding ceremony.  What was going to make it all the better was I found a female non-denominational minister to do the ceremony.  That was icing on the cake. I had this all planned down to the cab ride and it was to take place on the day after we flew in.

I had to be low key about this for months and pretend that we were just going to do it in a simple thing at the couthouse.  I didn't want to do the "I've got a big surprise and I can't tell you - na na na" thing because if I did that, her expectation might have been so big by the time the event happened that the actual event wouldn't have lived up to what she imagined.  I felt guilty like I was denying her the wedding every little girl dreams about, so I wanted this to be as special as I could make it.  So for months, I had to be like - "Eh... no big deal.  I've got it handled.  Don't worry.  W'e'll see the judge one day and enjoy a 2 week Caribbean vacation."

I went dress shopping with her a month before the trip.  No wedding shop had short poofy dresses!  We did find a cute veil that went with her long hair.  As a last resort, we went to the mall department stores and she found the perfect short white dress that looked like it was made for a wedding in the tropics.  We were set.

So our plane lands and a cab takes up to our villa.  You know how it is when you first arrive somewhere new... everything is strange and you don't know what to do, but you know you better start doing something.  So we immediately hit the beach and the bar and later went into town.  What we didn't know was that towns in the Virgin Islands pretty much roll up their carpet at dark.  And we got caught in the "bad" side of town.  She was upset.  We couldn't get a cab initially but finally made a call and got one to head our way.  We were sitting on the curb waiting and she got mad and started beeeiotching at me saying I should have known not to go out that late and she didn't know what time or where we were getting married and that I hadn't told her anything.

She pretty much unloaded on me.  I think I was too vague with my wedding plans and that was the real cause of her anxiety.  It backfired.  So I had to tell her that I had secretly planned a special beach wedding with a photographer and champagne on Megan's Bay in the morning and "Jeffery" the cab driver was going to pick us up at our door at 10 am.  She started crying and laughing at the same time, she put her arms around me and we kissed for a long time sitting there on the curb waiting for our cab.  That was my big romantic moment.

Oh.. and the wedding went off without a hitch.  Having a female minister surprised her (I didn't ruin that part) and being married in seclusion on one of the world's most beautiful beaches was a great experience and memory.  At then end of the ceremony, the minister said to her, "You may kiss your husband".  It was a good day.

My wife was all smiles the rest of the trip and still says it was the perfect wedding.

Re: What's Your most Romantic moment?

OMG! that is sooo sweet!!! Do you have any pics?? please share! That is so romantic!!

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Re: What's Your most Romantic moment?

Thought it would be nice to post this for he romantic people out there!!


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