YES!!!! My ISP unblocked GUG

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YES!!!! My ISP unblocked GUG

I'm happy again!!! This weekend I was blocked from GUG because my ISP were having Server trouble and blocked tons of sites including, so I was like what the heck is the deal so I called them up on Saturday and they said they should have every thing back up and running no later then Wednesday nite so I'm like no F'n way but it looks like they were wrong and fixed it faster then what they exspected.



Your Badge

Nice work Chris!  Did you get my email yesterday, I think.  I haven't unbusied YET!!!!!!

It seemed kinda quiet around here

We were beginning to worry! 

The Geek is gunna love that badge when she see's it! Laughing

That's sooo cute!

Was wondering where you've been. Haven't seen you on aim either, and was starting to worry a tad.

I Spoke To Soon

Earlier I think I spoke to soon I ran up stairs than ran back and my ISP server was down could not go on nothing well I just got an e-mail saying the server is fixed and should be working fine, So we will see!!!


I like the badge bro!!!

Big brother is watching....beware!!!

Badges for all!

Maybe Cris Chris can hand out bages BADGES with member names for all the Private-forum/trusted members!

YAY for badges!! teehee

YAY for badges!! teehee Laughing


I want a badge.

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