Question about blue box in my posts

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Question about blue box in my posts

hey geek...i'm curious why my posts keep showing up in a blue box within the comment area all of a sudden. i think it has something to do with viewing the html because it doesn't do that otherwise.

also, i was wondering if i'm doing something wrong or not doing something i should be with regard to my signature. the only way i can get it to show up as an image instead of the url is by clicking on that html button in the toolbar that i just spoke about and adding the url that way. this is what i have in my sig box on my account settings:

<img src="">

and even if i manually type it in at the end of my post, it still doesn't show the image. again, i have to insert it by clicking on the html button like i just described. i'm confoooozed. Laughing



I think it's fixed

Try it now.. I *think* i've fixed the blue-box problem..
But for your signature to work, you will have to "disable rich-text", THEN type
it in at the bottom of your message, OR hit the 'insert-image' button, and past the url to the image there.


thank you. no more blue box!  yippeeee! Smile


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