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the building I live in used to be a hospital (built in 1916)... we've got ghosts.. it's awesome... :cool: ... perfect place for a Ouiji Board[/quote]

The house I grew up in and my parents still live in has a ghost. Some crazy stuff has happened in there. Never anything bad (one incident could maybe be arguably bad). More like a Casper. They've lived there for 31 years now. My mother has a ouigi board, but refuses to use it in her house, she's afraid she'll piss off the friendly ghost. LOL

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Re: Board Games. Remember Those?!

I used to be freakishly addicted to Jenga... not a board game... but... yeah...

Operation scared the crap outta me... I think it took years off my life...

I was the shizzle at Monopoly and Clue... everyone always thought I cheated...

Kerplunk (I think that's what it is) the thing with the marbles and sticks...... awesomeness

Life... well... I hated that game... because it took an entire lifetime to complete.... 

Chutes and Ladders........ gotta love the classics

And as far as card games go... anyone remember Speed? lmao... I think that's how I got through the 3rd-7th grade without going psycho on everyone... 

Re: Board Games. Remember Those?!

how about UNO. i know we have all got down on some UNO.


Re: Board Games. Remember Those?!

Still Have the Family's Stratego Board and Pieces and My Mother is a Chess Set Collector  so we occasionally still play Chess.

The rest of the board games pieces and boards have been lost over the years of moving or damaged/worn over the years.

Digital isn't  neccisarily bad though, as last month I was playing Chess with my Niece and we where using her laptop with a chess game as the "Board and Pieces"

Same is true for Stratego,Monopoly and other board games...most of them have digital versions that allow 2 people to play on 1 laptop or even play each other via network or internet in real time

But yeah don't go near the Fancy Ouji Baoards in the toy department cause one of them "might be real" just as I avoid all versions of Jamanji...especially if I hear drumbeats comming out of it.

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Re: Board Games. Remember Those?!

trivial pursuit was cool, but kinda hard.  i always eyed the starwars edition in the store thinking i could own, but never did buy it.

balderdash was a really cool game.

connect four.

chinese checkers.

theres a japanese card game thats worth checking out called sakuda.

anyone here played a little game called Dungeons and Dragons?


Re: Board Games. Remember Those?!

[quote=Vash the Stampede]connect four. [/quote]

yes! connect four is a great bar tourney game in dewey beach, delaware.

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Re: Board Games. Remember Those?!

wow connect four in a bar?  thats awesome.  cool alternative to pool and darts.

Re: Board Games. Remember Those?!

yes yes yes! i totally forgot about chinese checkers.


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I am an absolute stud at backgammon.  Don't even mess with me.

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Re: Board Games. Remember Those?!

pente -- a board game played with glass pebble like pieces.


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