Can someone please help me...

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Can someone please help me...

This is probably really easy and trivial but.......I can't figure out why when I open some pages, I can't see the whole thing, it's like the left side is cut off...ya know what I mean? haha

Can anyone assist??? Kiss


can someone please help me

can someone please help me out? waaaa! haha, ok i'll quit crying, but this page dealio is a nuisance!! Undecided


Hi Miss

Did you ever get any help with this? I'm not sure how to help you, but if you would say what browser you are using, and give any other clues you can think of, someone else might be able to figure it out for you. Good luck.



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webpage won't scroll sideways

You're probably using firefox... this happens a lot with me. That means they have their page set up too far horizontally and firefox doesn't allow you to scroll...

My fix for it was to download the IEtab addon for firefox and toggle to see the page as IE would show it if I happened upon a page like that.

I prefer using the IE tab so I don't have to open 2 browsers... and I consider Firefox a much better browser... even if some pages don't show up well.

You could also probably view the page in 'No Style' to eliminate the problem, but the page will look very plain and odd...

Hope that helps!


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hey thanks guys!! yeah i am

hey thanks guys!! yeah i am using firefox!! thanks anime, and thanks you as well lynn!! KissLaughing

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