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I'm new to photoshop and having difficulty using it. A problem I keep encountering are vector masks/rasterizing. For example, I created a shape and tried to change the fill colour. It said I had to first rasterize the shape before I could do this, so I did. Then afterwards when I tried to further edit the shape, I keep getting a message saying cannot perfrom as the select point does not lie within a vector mask or something. Anyone know what I'm talking about and how to fix it?


K :)


Wish I could help

I don't have photoshop, I'm too cheap. But I use Gimp and its just as confusing.  If someone can help you, I hope they can help me.


Okay so I am a graphic designer and can help you, the only thing is you need to wait until after Thursday. I am really sorry for that but for some reason decided to go back to school (grad school) and now have finals. I can't think design when I am studying social work HAHA. I will get back to you over the weekend!

Corel Photoshop X

Im also having a issue with my photoshop. I have a HP Pavillion zd8000 80gb HD at 92% free.Why then does my Corel Photoshop when closing, freeze halfway through closing?

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hey all, you guys still need photoshop help? i work till 8 tonight but after i will look into it all!


Make sure you draw on the correct layer for instance...drawing on the text layer is no-no. They make you combine it to the background layer first. Be careful on what layer you draw on!

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