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Ok, I am OVER this morning sickness thing. I am just about 12 weeks along in this pregnancy, and the morning sickness is making me miserable. Do any of you know what I can do or take to help relieve the MS? I have heard so many different remedies but I am afraid to try any of them because they might make it worse. I've heard Flinstone vitamins are softer on the stomach than prenatal. Also someone told me to suck on lemons. HELP!!! I can't take it anymore!




Try some Vitamin B6.  My OB suggested it when I had morning sickness and it actually helped a little bit.  She had given me some samples of these candied suckers.  I cannot remember the name, but they had vitamin B6 in them.

I know at motherhood maternity they sell "Preggo pops".  They kind of helped.  not as much as the B6's



As I just searched.... They are called B-Natal pops!

here is a site


Just remember this stage will pass...

I am 12 weeks pregnant with baby #3 and have been miserable with morning sickness (all day sickness) since week 6. I was also sick with my first 2 pregnancies for aprox. 14 weeks. This time seems much worst and has been severly depressing. I feel so bad for my husband and children! Its the most debilitating feeling. I have researched and tried EVERY remedy. I only feel good when I am sleeping, and sometimes the nausea wakes me up. Its comforting to know I am not alone, although after spending weeks and weeks on the couch to sick to even cry, it definately gets you down. I can't wait to feel "normal" again. Hope it passes soon. Hang in there girls! Its a tough time!

the first 7 years of mini me's life she woke up to and went to bed to classical instrumental lullabies. now coleybooop has the CD for my grandson. hoping she is doing the same.

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Funny you should say that...I did that with my first born, she is so smart and creative.  She can pick up any instrument and learn to play it on her own...  Sometimes when I'm laying in bed she'll come in with her acoustic guitar and play songs that she's made up!  Classical Music is the best for kids! and not to mention it helps with insomnia!  I call it the wine for preggos!



......Cherish today as if it were your last!

that is a blessing! you are right on target. keep healthy, happy, and positive. oh, and if you can stand it, listen to classical music as often as you can.


Tuna ><(((( '> the other white meat! I am Keeper Of The Whip!

Ok Ladies! Today is the day that i did not have to run to the bathroom or pull my husband over on the road!  .My Morning Sickness is TOTALLY GONE! WOOOOOHOOOOO! Now maybe IKiss can concentrate on giving my husband some attention! "wink wink"Poor Guy! EmbarassedThanks for the tips ladies..I will be keeping you posted as to what I am having...stay tuned!


......Cherish today as if it were your last!

glad that worked skittles778!  i'll have to pass it on to my preggo friends!

*knock on wood no more nausea for you!* 

*little do they know...*

I just might be needing this thread for some tips soon.........

-Pain is weakness leaving the body- USMC OOrah!

i agree 2na.. I meant I was not jealous of the sick part.. hated it.. But, later when I started showing and baby was rocking out in my belly I lOVED IT! I miss the feeling at about 7-8 months when your whole tummy shifts cause JR wants to turn around.

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Ok when I was pregnant my SIL said to eat oranges. And I had a delicious huge naval orange every morning and only threw up twice during my pregnancy. AND they are great for the baby ... folic acid ya know!!!


P.S. I usually took my vitamins a night just after they didn't make me feel sick. 


Bad attitude.......Cute Shoes.........Things even out. :)

It's peppermint in general that helps nausea....whether it be candies... tea...  ice cream... peptobismol... it has a natural anti-nausea effect... :) World's Oldest Medicine ;-)

right on! that's a blessing. i'm glad green's advice worked. soon, you'll be wishing you could carry a child forever. i totally miss the feeling.

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Thanks Tuna and Green!

Well today was a better day for me. This is what i did different today.... I started off the morning pretty good. I didn't feel sick like I usually do so i decided I would get something in my system before i started to feel queezy.  I took the peppermint advice and actually had a cup of peppermint tea; a slice of wheat toast w/ butter and 2 egg whites And it WORKED!  I think the peppermint tea helped!  I know Green said to suck on the candies but I thought I would give the tea a shot since there were no hard candies in the pantry..I have been good all day. I can actually say that I did not have to run to the bathroom and puke all day today. oh and I forgot to mention that I cut my pre-natal vitamin in half and took it with lunch instead of breakfast and  the other half at dinner. so far so good!  if i keep this up I can actually take the dog for a walk in the morning!  Thanks again!......Cherish today as if it were your last!

check with your doctor if ginger capsules are safe to take while preggers!!

or motion sickness pills

*little do they know...*

Thanks both of you..good going to use them! Trust Me! Thanks again! I will keep you all posted!.......Cherish today as if it were your last!

congrats! wonderful news, of which, i had no idea. and me....i am jealous!! i loved my pregnancies. no stretch marks. bounced back to me size in just weeks. healthy babies. yes, morning sickness....but that just made me appreciate the blessed experience that much more.

i'm looking forward to your updates

Tuna ><(((( '> the other white meat! I am Keeper Of The Whip!

Oh I am not jealous at all! I remember what this was like very very vividly.. There are a few things that used to help me. vitam B6 helped as well as sucking on those peppermint hard candies. I also found that watermelon would settle my stomache and if hungry woud not put me in the bathroom. I will have to take a look around but, I have a recipe for real ginger root cookies. Gingersnaps are really good for morning sickness. Finally, the other thing for me that my stomache tolerated well was fruit sorbets. Forget saltine crackers that made it worse for me. Oh and I almost forget aroma was huge.. I would burn a citrus scented candle and sit by it when I was having bouts of ..well, lack of a better word "illness".

*ps hang in there most don't stay sick the whole time and by 15-16 weeks you should be feeling much much better... Remind yourself daily that the sicker you are in the first trimester the greater your hcg hormone is and that hormone is what stabilizes and maintains your precious soon to be son or daughter..CONGRATULATIONS!!! 

I had the right to remain silent... but I didn't have the ability.

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