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Just wanted to be the 500th thread in the Wide Open Forum!!


And I thought I'd share that I got the cutest dance shoes today!



I've always wanted a reason to buy dance shoes... and now I've got them!!!

I also learned that my school has dance majors.................. wth?? why didn't anyone tell me this?!!

So even though I was going to graduate after this semester.... maybe I should become a dance major.......

Or maybe I could minor in dance..... 


Maybe for my next degree.... something to think about....


So where are my dancers at?


Re: 500!



I use Bloch dance sneakers to teach .. I have them in black and also light pink. Now that you own a pair, I promise you will never want to be without them. 




Re: 500!

I know... ever since I tried a pair of the dance sneakers on, I was in love... and when I walked into the store today and my eyes fell on the pink stripes.... I was SUPER in love...... had to have them..... 

these are Capezio.... SUPER comfy... I love having the flexibility of not having the center part of the sole... I can't wait for dance class....

Re: 500!

lol... you want to see me dance???

well... if anyone ever video tapes it... I'll stick it on youtube... hows that? lol

Re: 500!

love them!

Tuna ><(((( '> the other white meat! I am Keeper Of The Whip!

Re: 500!

I had some similar to those, they were all black, then my little sister asked to borrow them for her Dance Class, I did since I wasn't doing dance anymore (out of high school, no more classes nor team :( ) And she put them in her friend's locker and well...to this day I haven't seen my shoes again :( ......I really like yours, The pink is really cute. I got mine all black because we would wear different outfits and well I wanted my shoes to match everything :)

I got this photograph on photobucket but mine looked just like these....

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