The Dreaded Middle Seat

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The Dreaded Middle Seat

Frequent flyer? Then you have probably mastered the art of not getting stuck in a middle seat on a 5-6 hour flight across the U.S. Not only is the middle seat the worst, it also comes along with the "uncomfortable silence" stigma. Business Guy Smith on the aisle seat has his macbook out along with all of his travel gadgets. Then Business Guy Jones sitting by the window because there were no aisle seats left. That leaves the middle seat on nearly every flight lately as the only option seat. The entire row looks like a techno sales shelf, except the empty middle seat no one wants. When getting stuck in the middle, the traveler to your left and right are not interested in talking to you. Then you, the middle seat traveler, sits silently and somewhat embarrassed to be stuck in the middle. It must really suck when traveling solo.

Any frequent travelers here? What are you travel nightmares?


Re: The Dreaded Middle Seat

our flight was over booked. mini was in the center seat in the bulkhead row. me by the window. a business traveler next to her. and where did mr. chairman club end up? 13 rows back in the center! i felt so bad. but, he had his iPod touch, his macbook, his psp, and two good sized guys to the left and right of him! *hahaa, poor husband of mine!*

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Re: The Dreaded Middle Seat

I fly quite a bit.  If something happens and there's nothing that can be done about it, I'm not bothered.  I'm a happy-go-lucky, go with the flow type and I'm usually more concerned to make sure whoever I'm with is "flowing" as well as possible too. I won't tolerate being sh*t on by an a**hole but my philosophy is that if you're stuck in a bad situation, make the best of it.

Flying alone?  I won't sit in a middle seat between two strangers.  I usually don't fly late notice so I'm able to plan seat selections and most of the planes I fly on are 1+2 puddle-jumpers anyway.  When there's time to spare, I usually offer to be bumped in overbooked situations in exchange for free flight vouchers.

I learned this:  If you ever in a large airport and get into a situation where flights are cancelled, you can't wait, and you do manage to get to a ticket agent, DO NOT let them send you to another counter to wait in another line.  Anything another ticket agent of the same airline can do, the person you are in front of can do too.  Be kind and respectful and state that you want to be rebooked at this desk and you don't want to wait in another line.  Tell the person that what ever they can do, you'll take.

Re: The Dreaded Middle Seat

I insist on window seat or middle cause I hate flying and for some reason those two make me feel safe...I have had weirdos near me like Mr. Air Conditioning man when I'm freezing that must make it hit not only him but me as well.  Grr.  Yeah.  He turned it off.  Don't mess with the little New York girl.  Ever.  Ha.


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Re: The Dreaded Middle Seat

I fly a lot, and I insist on the aisle seat- always. I'll move my flight, or they can put me on another plane in case of overbooking. I hate sitting by the window- it gives me motion sickness. And I always have my laptop out (not a macbook) but it is pink! i've also learned to make friendly with the flight attendant as soon as possible. I usually manage this by ordering a vodka tonic type drink immediately and tipping the attendant. Now that some cabins are cash-free, credit-only that gets in the way occasionally, but flirting usually works well ;)

Re: The Dreaded Middle Seat

HAHA! that doesnt apply to me, HOWEVER it does apply to my boss. I think he gets heart palpitations when he's stuck in a middle seat. He will actually take a later flight if the earlier one doesn't have an aisle seat. If the seats cannot be assigned at the time of booking, and he ends up getting a middle seat, he actually blames ME!!! Someone's gotta pay for him enduring the middle


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Re: The Dreaded Middle Seat

Not a frequent flier myself, we fly once a year on vacations, 3 of us 3 seats, perfect.  My only flying nightmare is my other half.  He hates to fly so much that he pops a couple of Valium, and normally only a social drinker, hits a bar on the way to the gate, and orders a drink directly after take off.  After this he is passed out and since the flight is usually 2 hours is good to go when we land. 

The only nightmare, the embarrassment of having people think he is a drunk when he is not. He was actually denied flight once when flying alone because he had a connecting flight and the attendant had trouble waking him on the initial flight.  She remembered serving him 2 crown and cokes before he went to sleep for the flight and from this they deducted he was too drunk to fly.  He was flying to take a week long class for work and missed the first day of class because the soonest they would let him fly was the next morning.  I understand rules and why they thought what they did, but that was our/his flying nightmare.






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Re: The Dreaded Middle Seat

I hate flying cause its all a big pain in the @$$. But it looks like next week I'll be taking a quick flight back to FL from TN. I think I've got a window seat. I'd honestly rather drive, but this is actually way cheaper, and my truck is staying in TN with the wife.

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Re: The Dreaded Middle Seat

the seats dont bother me too much, its the being cooped up for so long thats drives me crazy. :P

Re: The Dreaded Middle Seat

 I guess I've been lucky, I always get the window seat. I imagine that the middle seat is weird for people.....I often notice the person in the middle tries to spy on what the people on either side from them are doing, so they can get an idea of how to spend their time.



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Re: The Dreaded Middle Seat

I always make sure I get a window seat and if not an aisle seat but I've never sat in the middle *knocks on wood*

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