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My partner is divorcing but still living with his crazy soon to be ex wife. He has iCloud at the house to which his iPhone 4S and iPad are connected but also the ex wife's iPhone 4S & iPad!

Anyway I also have an iPhone 4S and want to be able to text him without his iCloud capturing our text conversations. I have heard that if we both only send standard SMS/text messages (green bubble) and not iMessage these will go undetected by iCloud and won't be captured. Is this true??? I need to confirm this before recommending to him we only use texts and not iMessages.

My partner also has Viber installed on his iPhone 4S. If I install Viber on my 4S and we communicate only by Viber will these go undetected by iCloud? if so I think that's the best way to communicate then and not be captured by iCloud!

Thanks all for your advice