My computer crashed after looking at my targets profile

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My computer crashed after looking at my targets profile

Last night I looked my targets profile from my laptop several times because I was trying out some of the codes, so I imagine her profile view counter went up pretty significantly.

Today I looked at her profile (it is set to private) on my work computer, and I don't know what happened but I had another tab in IE open and switched over to that (it was just Google). Then about 18 IE's opened all with her profile, I managed to close them, then it happened again. I had to turn off the computer by hitting the off button, I didn't shut down or anything. I turned my computer back on, and now my Outlook is not working, it says I need to run the Inbox repair tool (which i searched for and do not seem to have). So I was thinking, maybe she did something to her profile so all non-friends that viewed her profile computers would crash? But I don't think this girl is very computer savvy. So I went to Kinko's to see if the same thing would happen here when I view her profile and nothing happened.

It's pretty unlikely that she did something to her profile, right?

What happened? Now my work computer is all messed up and I don't know how to fix it. I guess that's what I get for looking at MS at work.


Re: What just happened??? My computer crashed after looking at m

Did the Kinkos machine also run IE and the same version? I would imagine if they use that POS they would have it's setting hardened.

To serve different content depending on whose viewing is server site but you said they opened popups so yes, if you were redirect to a site outside of myspace they could have exploited your browser and dropped a backdoor on it. It probably wasn't your target but someone who got a hold of their account and insert code in their profile.

Was Outlook open at the time of the crash? Disk error is why it's corrupt.

Where other websites open at the time? Could be from there. Could be something else, difficult to say but the bottom line is, yes something "bad" could have occurred. That's general the LEAST likely possibility however.

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