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Re: Computer keeps shutting down

Like MACs, they are fine as "starter computers" but I still hold the view that  HP really should stick to making Printers and copy Machines. Innocent

Like the Old MACs, once a Older intergrated motherboard board type HP goes wonky and you can't soder a "jury rig" solution, all you can do is replace the Mother Board (may as well buy another computer) or Buy another computer....pretty much the same same 2 choices a old MAC user had when the MAC went wonky before they came modular like all other PCs (With Intel inside) but still marketed as "disposable"

Re: Computer keeps shutting down

I'm not quite yet ready to join the HP fanboy club, but I have to admit their products appears to be getting better. I think you and I were stung by the HP peripherals - non-printer (though not always the case) - that whacked the earlier versions of XP - pre SP 1 or 2.

And seriously, throw me another manufacturer choice that doesn't have something going against it....

I would be interested to hear it. I get the question all the time. I just throw my hands up and look at specs...AMD vs. Intel and so on.

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Re: Computer keeps shutting down

I'm happy with my HP that I got over a year ago. But this new one that the wife bought sucks! Ashton, I haven't tried your suggestions yet, but I am going to try soon. The comp in question is in a different location and its not even set up at the moment.

Re: Computer keeps shutting down

Thank you guys and gals for the input.  Jewels' answer might be closer to fixing my problem.  My fan sounds like a day at the drag races!! I ended up turning off my computer for about thirty minutes and poof! problem solved.  BUT the next time this happens I am coming right back to this topic and carefully following the advice Ashton wrote.

Off topic, (a little), I scared off the tech who works on our computers.  The last time he came to the office, I ended up showing him things that he did wrong!! It was unbelievable.  He hasn't come back since, ( and I did call him). So I had to set up the network, (wireless, cable, printer, ect.) in my office with lynksis and we haven't had any major problems, aside from my computer going kaputs every once in a while. 

The HP we have is so base that we'll probably end up replacing it soon.


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Re: Computer keeps shutting down

Also need to add the problem I had many months ago with my laptop shutting off on me was sitting next to my sewing machine that had a magnet in it.

Moved it away from the magnet source and it never happened again.

But a new problem, is my mouse. It is a Kensington and it's very tiny. It has the retractable cord. The portion that holds the retractable cord as it unwinds and winds back up has now proven to be a problem. I had it sitting behind my shutdown/closed laptop.

When I opened my laptop and turned it on, I had a very dark streak at the center bottom of my screen that shot upwards. I looked behind my laptop and saw the coil rewinder of the mouse sitting exactly in the spot where the dark streak was.

I removed it and the dark streak went away. Not good.

Normally I have the coil unwound only from the mouse to the rewinder. So that means the rewinder has been sitting right next to my USB ports.

I have had a problem with my 2nd USB port not working for quite awhile now and now I wonder if that is what the problem is. If I hook up my printer USB cable to the 2nd port of my laptop, it shuts my computer completely off. So my fix has been to unplug the mouse, and plug the printer into the port I was using for the mouse. Computer stays on then.

What the heck is in that rewinder of my mouse I wonder.


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Re: Computer keeps shutting down

I have the same pc and I am having the same thing keep shutting off with no warning and it driving me crazy..I call HP but got no were with they..

Re: Computer keeps shutting down

Its probably the overheating thing.

Get a cooler pad or put a fan next to it so its air ports can get fresh air.

Also check your Windows Updates settings. If they are set to automatically restart the machine and there is an update or scheduled program restart hanging up somwhere, it can cause restarts or shutdowns without warning.

Re: Computer keeps shutting down

My less than a year old HP pavillion slimline keeps shutting off like this too. As if it's just been unplugged, or the surge protecter intervened or something. Everything just goes black. I can be on MS Works writing a letter, or looking at gossip on the net. It doesn't matter. I moved the plug ot a different outlet, blew the dog hair off the back of the tower, and unplugged a couple of USB devices. We'll see what happens. Every time it happens I feel it, and it feels cool as a cucumber. Doesn't feel overheated at all. What the heck is up with it? It's brand-freaking new!

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Re: Computer keeps shutting down

Slimline s7627cpc, this is the second one I've had trouble with the first one I replaced the power supply and that worked. The second one I've tried blowing it out, putting a fan by it with the side off, I've even tried putting another small cooling fan in it and it still shuts down. Sometimes it runs for 4 hours sometimes for 10 minutes. If anyone has a clue please help

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Re: Computer keeps shutting down

Same problem: My kid's HP S3020n, Vista 64 home premium. Cleaned the fans kept it open, still shuts down randomly



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