Computer Stalking!

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Computer Stalking!


One of friends accused me with a serious issue! before revealing that i would start by quoting few facts:

1. We're working in same company.
2. We're quit a good friend
3. We maintain high secrecy for no reason among us but secretly everyone doing the same sin.

Now back to the topic, he accused me that I'm a computer stalker.

I reacted seriously on this matter. but i really think whether i do?

He claimed that i read others skype chats by looking in their screen which i do accidentally.
He states that he is not done by me intentionally.

Now my point is what are the criteria to qualify myself for this honor and shall how shall i fix this issue of mine (accidentally stalking other's computer without even penetrating physically).

I know we all are going to cover all the aspect of this scenario so please feel free to bless me or curse me.

thanks in advance.

P.S: i'll not reply because it may hurt anyone's intentions. so please bear with me on this one.



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Re: Computer Stalking!

Here's what you do:
1) Walk up to your friend
2) Say to your friend "You are wrong"
3) Carry on with your life

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Re: Computer Stalking!

your a stalker

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