Computer Switches Off

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Computer Switches Off

When I switch my computer on each day it starts up but switches itself off after a few minutes.When I re-start it it works ok. Any ideas how to stop this? Thanks


Re: Computer Switches Off

The first thing I'd suspect is that dirt needs to be cleaned out from inside your computer. (use some compressed air). The reason this is happening is because there is probably alot of dirt in there and instead of your computer overheating--it will shut itself off to prevent it from actually overheating.

Another thing it could possibly be--but usually not--would be the power supply. It causes intermittent problems, such as randomly shutting off.

But since this is happening each day when you start your computer--that backs up the theory of dirt being the culprit.

TIP: when opening up your computer--don't touch the circuit boards with your finger unless you are wearing an ESD bracelet. When in doubt on how to open your computer--look at your manual or find information on the internet.

Re: Computer Switches Off

hmmm im learning toward pat07's first suggestion, my laptop was doing that last year, so i opened it up, and it was caked with dust and dirt. i gave it a thorough cleaning and the problem was fixed. oh and if u don't know what an esd is its an electro static discharge bracelet, so static from your body doesn't zap your circuits. :)

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