Congratulations PrincessB!

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Re: Congratulations PrincessB!

Congratulations PrincessB, I wish you two years and years of happiness!

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Re: Congratulations PrincessB!

This is so nice!  Happy for both of you!

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Re: Congratulations PrincessB!

 Congratulations PrincessB, all the best to both of you!




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Re: Congratulations PrincessB!

awww!! CONGRATS!!  


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Vash the Stampede
Re: Congratulations PrincessB!

awesome pics princess, 

that was a really cool idea how you guys wed.  big ups on the tiger photograph i liked it.  :)  the pictures came out really nice :)

Hello Cupcake
Re: Congratulations PrincessB!

Those pics came out great :)


You made a beautiful bride Princess! Your default photograph is so cute.

Loved the bridge in the background too <3


Re: Congratulations PrincessB!

Awwwww. I loved your comments. My brother did the photos. I never realized how good at his job he is till he actually took pictures of me I like. Thanks so much for the compliments SM. You are too wonderful.

Re: Congratulations PrincessB!

very classy! the entire wedding party, colors, ensembles, setting, and of course.....the yacht! what a remarkable & memorable event. no one can quite capture the true happiness in a sisters eyes like a brother photographer. something about the relationship with the person behind the lens of the camera makes the photo opp experience more spectacular than if it were a stranger.

Wishing you
A house full of sunshine,
Hearts full of cheer,
Love that grows deeper

each day of the year.



Re: Congratulations PrincessB!

k i just broke my no myspace rule and logged in just to check out your looked absolutely beautiful!  very pretty pics.  loved them.  aww, and the two of you look sooo happy.  congrats again.  :)



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