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Re: Contact CPS or not?

I would call if I were in your situation, it's a heavy load to bear hearing the suspected abuse and not do anything about. CPS will come in and sort things out.

You can remain anonymous.

Re: Contact CPS or not?

CPS in CA lets you do the report online. But you need to consider a few things. Corperal punichment is not child abuse. If she is hitting her hard enough to leave a mark that lasts more than half an hour then CPS will do something otherwise, with no physical evidence they can't do ANYTHING.

Working in the field I do I am a mandated reporter and my coleiges and I deal with CPS ALOT. Way more than any of us would like to. I have absolutely no faith in them whatsoever. I child has to be on the brink of death before anything happens.

Here is how this report will go...
because it is not an emergency they have about a week to investigate, they can even investigate by phone in some situations. They will discuss things with the parents, if the child has no physical signs of abuse they will refer them to some community services such as parenting classes or stress management services.

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Re: Contact CPS or not?

i wouldnt call cps.  espcially if your going to remain neighbors.  i would possibly talk to them myself if it seemed necessary. 

Re: Contact CPS or not?

I would wait it out and see if the hitting continues/becomes more severe.

I have often wanted to call CPS on the child across the street. Not that she is being 'abused' per se, just neglected in my opinion. She is 9 and left home alone before school and after school. Alone 15 hours at a time during the summer. AND she is obsessed with sex, which I find odd for a child so young.

I haven't called because my hubby and mother have said it isn't my business and I can't prove anything is wrong. The obsession with sex though just really bothers me. And NO...there is no male in the house nor has there ever been, so I can't say it is sexual abuse.

Re: Contact CPS or not?

 That is WAYY to young IMO..  May I ask how you know of the sexual obsession??? 



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Re: Contact CPS or not?

not only males sexually abuse children.  either way, nothing about that sounds good.  and, as far as it not being your business goes (or just in general to people who don't think something like the welfare of a child is their business), i have to wonder how many children's lives could have been saved if only someone would have made that call.  i can see where this is a tough postion to be in, and again, i truly do believe in staying out of others affairs, but children need adults to protect them.  "no man is an island"...we all play our parts.


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Re: Contact CPS or not?

Knowledge of sexual acts in a child that age is usually consider a sign of abuse, maybe not abuse now but it could have been in the past. I would just keep an eye out for her. Maybe let her parents know that if she is home alone she can call you if she needs anything.

Re: Contact CPS or not?

Check your state to see how old a child has to be to be left alone.  I know with my kids they had to be 12 before it was legal to leave them by themselves.  Any younger and it is neglect.

Re: Contact CPS or not?

 Since the calls are anonymous, I think you should inform them of what you hear. They usually don't just come off of one call (at least I know not in New York) because they want to make sure the claims you are making are valid. But at least it will open a case for investigation. You might have to prepare yourself to make a few calls in order for them to look into the situation.



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Re: Contact CPS or not?

Call now.



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