Corporate Holiday Parties, Bashes, & Mishaps!

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Corporate Holiday Parties, Bashes, & Mishaps!

For the first time in several decades, and due to our recent move, we will not be attending our usual small group corporate holiday party drunk at the Biltmore Resort. No paying midnight homage to the porcelain prince, no heaving into the hotel resort sink because husband is doing the same in the bidet or comode. No smelly cigar stinch on our festive attire and hair. Will I miss a 72-hour hangover? You bet!

Ever over do it at the corporate shindig and regret it the next day, week, month? Share your holiday party stories here. Extra points if you have pictures! Trust me, you will not be judged ..... your amongst good company!




Re: Corporate Holiday Parties, Bashes, & Mishaps!

this should be good. i cant wait to see some of these stories....AND pictures!

the only story i have isnt even about me. my friend had a company party on a glass bottom boat one evening. i think it was supposed to be like a dinner cruise...pretty tame. well they got stuck on a sand bar in the harbor for HOURS! and what else can u do on a stranded party boat? yup, drink! she called me late that evening still stuck and it sounded like a nightclub! i am pretty sure she felt it the next day

Re: Corporate Holiday Parties, Bashes, & Mishaps!

snazzy wrote:
my friend had a company party on a glass bottom boat one evening.

oh for sure i would have heaved my insides out! drinking and then being on a party boat does not mix well w/me.



Re: Corporate Holiday Parties, Bashes, & Mishaps!

Yeah that sounds like lots and lots of fun :barf:

um not exactly how i was spinning it, but okay!

our intent is to never let it get to that point :barf:, however, someone always breaks out the cuban cigars and just the scent of them when we've had a few cocktails and irish coffees nearly always puts us over the edge. every year it happens to someone. last year it happened to hit us. i think its fabulous that you can manage to have a great time at a lame party. that's no easy feat ;)



Re: Corporate Holiday Parties, Bashes, & Mishaps!

The only company sponsored party I went to didn't have alcohol, because they said it was a liability. Now I am a public employee and Uncle Sam doesn't throw us any parties.

When I was a waitress the managers of the restaurant used to have parties at their houses almost weekly. I don't drink so I always had good stories about everyone else that they couldn't quite remember later. Like the "dance off" between a beautiful 26 year old ex professional dancer (stripper) and this jerk jock boyfriend of another girl at one of the managers birthday parties. He ended up doing this spin thing and falling into a table and knocking the cake onto the couch. Then another dude who was sitting on the couch, stoned out of his mind, started taking handfuls of cake and just shoving it into his mouth like it was no big deal.

Ok not the mature adult company party you were looking for, but I couldn't stop laughing for weeks after that happened.

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Re: Corporate Holiday Parties, Bashes, & Mishaps!

I'm refraining from drinking at this years party-bummer I know. My reason-well since the boss was too cheap to pay for an open bar for everyone, he went around asking "are you going to drink at the Christmas Party" in front of everyone. On top of that he even went as far as to ask "bout how many, so I know whether or not to place you on the open bar list." Very TACKY. And who would actually say "well probably about 5 or 6 or till I pass out." So that's why I'm not drinking and besides I don't like my co-workers enough to get drunk with them lol. It'll probably be more fun watching everyone trying to shake what their momma gave them =]

Re: Corporate Holiday Parties, Bashes, & Mishaps!


With over 21 years in the corporate world I have had too many embarrassing X-mas party moments but, I was too drunk to remember them. Thank God! The thing I learned is not to drink at all. The free liquor is not worth it. I'll save my inebriation for my close friends.


I do have one experience that I remember pretty well. I was invited to Gordon Ramsey's New York restaurant pre opening at the London hotel back in 2006. The champagne was flowing. I love champagne but, it gets me hammered very quickly.  BBC was there taping the party.

Thank god it was not being shown in the U.S. The time came in the night when Gordon made it over to my group. Introductions came and then I proceeded to talk to him like he was my new best friend. The worst part is I discussed other chefs that I liked with him. Not very appropriate. That's just the parts I can remember. I now watch his show, Kitchen Nightmares and every time I look at him I cringe with embarrassment. He was very gracious and smiled at my faux pas. I want to meet him again and apologize and say, "I wasn't myself that night. " Everyone that attended got an autographed copy of his book, Hellls Kitchen. I forgot mine but, I was too embarassed to go back and get it the next day. Now I wish I would have anyway. 

I might be being a little hard on myself seeing that the hotel marketing manager called me the next day to make sure I had a good time.



Re: Corporate Holiday Parties, Bashes, & Mishaps!

The best one that I have been to was last year.....

In summary :)

We went out to an Indian resturant for a meal, we finally ate at around half nine, by which time everyone was more than slightly tipsy :) One girl then was sick on someones coat.

We left there and went back the flat of someone that lived near by. We carried on drinking....somehow the sink in the bathroom came off the wall, and the hand rail in the communal hall also came off the wall :|

We then left there and went to an alternative night club where I somehow got into a 'circle pit' with the oldest member of our team and managed to run into each other and throw our drinks over everyone.....

.......Ahhhh good times :D

Tommorrow night is this years Christmas meal. We're not due to be in the resturant until 10pm so I can see this one being just a messy (if not worse) than last year :D




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Re: Corporate Holiday Parties, Bashes, & Mishaps!

well this isnt really a corporate story, but its something,

about a year ago, me angie(cousin) and her friends all went out to a laser show, we smoked a lil w*** before and after. it was fun, well we all crash at angies friends house, the next day, for some reason, everyone has sex on the beach (drink) so i made myself one, and drank 4 of them, 30 minutes later gram comes and gets us, wer riding home, and both me and angie, did something from the blair witch project, (im not gona say what in case there quesy stomachs readin) both at the same time, it was horrible, since then, i cant even smell vodka without getting quesy,

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Re: Corporate Holiday Parties, Bashes, & Mishaps!

At our company party everyone was drunk by 8 pm. there was no food only appetizers (cheap right), an open bar that every employee took advantage of.

Everyone had embarrassing moments, many people fell, others showed a nipple (on accident), but by far I took the night by making out wit a coworker who also happens to be my employers brother.

Interesting...needless to say NO MORE TEQUILA SHOTS FOR ME............EVER!

Re: Corporate Holiday Parties, Bashes, & Mishaps!

Yeah the company I work for does not provide alcohol what so ever.  With the lay offs, we are not even getting to go out to a restaurant like we normally do every year. This year we got a couple of sandwich rings that we ate in a hurry because Minnesota was having a blizzard and we had to hurry back to take calls. I work in Customer Service. I do think alcohol would have made the job alot more enjoyable for me and the customer. I am not complaining at all about not getting to go to a restaurant, free food of any kind is always welcome by me. I am very blessed to have a job in this day and age when others do not.

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