unknown, uk?!?!?!?!

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unknown, uk?!?!?!?!

Ok...this is my first post here and it seems like a place that might be able to help out with some tips.

I've been using createblog's tracker for a while now, with good results. There is one or more people that has be stumped. I'm fairly certain as to who it is and knowing the nature of proxy servers finding out exactly who is next to impossible.

I have a group of old "friends" that are no longer "friends" because of an ex that I know still drops by every-so-often to see whats up with me. One of the friends hit my page directly for a good long time, until I called him out on it. After that this "uk,unknown" started popping up with an IP of +/- 5 for the last quadrant. I did my research from wiki, google, and arin.net found out it is a proxy server owned by the Enrigis corp.

One thing I would like to know is if this is common and my assumptions as to who is accessing my site through that server is wrong. Along with, is there any other ways to find out who might be behind the IP? I know this person is not on my friends list through trackers in the headline and the page when I went private for a while to test out what is up.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


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