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um no. but that little clip is totally freakin my beans.


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That's a great movie. Lots of funny/disgusting heroin filled moments. The bad-trip withdrawl baby on the ceiling is freaky, but when they find him dead in the crib its almost worse...

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[quote=iamthedevil] The bad-trip withdrawl baby on the ceiling is freaky [/quote]

any type of movie that has people who can rotate their head 360and climb up walls and ceilings, totally freak me out. nothing is more wicked than that. it's just fricken' wrong so many dimensions. *amen*

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I think 80% of Hostel falls under creepy movie moments...

like when he sliced the back of his ankles....... and then started walking...... ewwwwwwwww

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For me, it wasn't the shower scene of Psycho. It was the ending... After I saw it, I sat there for 10 min with chill bumps when I saw just how deep the characters ran.... Still my favorite movie.

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My Top Creepiest Movie Moments: 

Se7en (Seven)

se7en The part when they find this man and their first speculation was that is was a corpse....however the man was still alive!!


The Sixth Sense 

sixth sense When the teenage boy asked Cole if he wanted to play with his father's shot gun. It was the first scene where the audience believes they see the first ghost.



The Blair Witch Project

blair witch At the end when you see the dude facing the wall and then the camera falls. The witch got 'em!



The Pet Sematary 

petsematary The scene where the man's dead wife kisses him....then stabs his @ss!





No other scary movie villian got under my skin quite like Michael Myers.


Child's Play 

child's play It's a freaking walking, talking, killing doll!!!




misery The scene where Bates breaks his feet.


Dawn of The Dead (2004)

dawnofdead The scene where Mekai Phifer's wife gives birth to this zombie spawn baby.



The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

hills have eyes The entire scene in the trailer....too explicit for me to even repeat here.


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There's a fine line separating creepy, scary and gross - one of the 'creepiest' movies I've ever seen is 'The Tenant' (or Le locataire) by Roman Polanski. I'll probably end up giving away the plot if I describe it, but it's basically about a man who moves into the apartment of a woman who attempted suicide who starts 'absorbing' her personality. Which, needless to say, is not a very pleasant one - given that she jumped out a window and crashed through a glass roof.

You'll know what I mean after the first twenty minutes - one particularly creepy/memorable scene shows the woman in a full body cast, screaming - all that's visible of her is a black hole in her face. Shudder. Who knows what Polanski was thinking. I recommend you watch it if you want to be deeply disturbed. Part of the reason this film's so unsettling is that it's so subtle, it isn't histrionic or overdone, just damned weird.

As for the previous posts - those twins are CREEPY. But what creeped me out most in 'The Shining' were those montages with all the dead people, particularly the one involving that man with the figure in the dog mask in the hotel room. Scared the hell out of me.

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Update! I watched one of the creepiest movies I've *ever* seen yesterday, though I didn't expect it to be so unnerving - the Machinist, with Christian Bale, directed by Brad Anderson. It's about a machinist who hasn't slept in over a year who begins to lose touch with reality (but perhaps not for the reasons you'd assumed). Sounds interesting but not frightening, but I swear, I had to pause the thing multiple times because it felt vaguely like being slowly stabbed with some kind of corkscrew - psychologically, anyway. You just feel so awful for two hours, jeez.


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