Curbalite review? Scam?

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Curbalite review? Scam?

I just saw a TV commercial for the "amazing!" Curbalite (or was it, Curbalight?). Nothing magical about it, just a tacky looking curb address-sign that you (somehow) stick on your driveway, mailbox or wall. Curbalite claims to be visible from 1000 feet away, which doesnt seem too outlandish although just because you can see a shiny thing from 1000 feet does not mean you'll be able to actually read the address numbers.

My concern is if the Curbalite will actually stick to the driveway or house/wall/whatever for more than just a few weeks. Will the amazing! Curbalite survive a 100F summer where I live, or a freezing snowy winter back east? The Curbalite TV commercial doesnt actually give any info about how it mounts - it looks like it just sticks on, but I can't tell.

If anyone has a Curbalite please reply with a review with how it installs and how durable it is.



James Whipple
Re: Curbalite review? Scam?

Curbalite is not a Scam i have perfected it . all the letters are baked on and now i have glue that will never ever come off ..... I am the Owner Of Curbalite and you My friend are full of it ........ who gives you the Right to Judge a Product that you have not Even seen or Used ........... I am Requesting a Full apology . i will even Send you one to prove the Quality

Many Blessings

James H Whipple

Re: Curbalite review? Scam?

Uhm.. Did you actually read what I wrote?
Expressing a concern and asking for more information is not a judgement and the opinion that Curbalite is tacky looking comes from seeing the product on the TV commercial..
You should probably relax and actually read things before over-reacting.. So thanks, but now i'm not interested in any of your products.. You just lost a potential customer and cheerleader.. great job James!

Anonymous Visitor
Re: Curbalite review? Scam?
Are you really the owner? You need a major lesson in PR then because you suck at it.
Anonymous Visitor
Curbalite scam?
Wow! the Curblite inventor "James H Whipple" seems to be an idiot.
C Gibson
Re: Curbalite review? Scam?

I saw one on a curb. It was screwed in. It actually looks pretty cool. Though, I’m not sure you would be able to see the numbers. The backplate reflects but the numbers aren’t reflective.

James whipple
Re: Curbalite review? Scam?

I have some in utah that are 9 years old .. still good to go . It’s a great product

Curbalite is not a scam!!. It's real and amazing

Hello, Curbalite is not a scam. There are proofs of many track successes which gives eight years and some had used over nine years. The reflective properties is well okay and having a live testimony that has saved me from loss of properties and some of my neighbors from loss of lives.

If you could notice it with curbalite in your home,
your home has a different name from others
It can be easily located even when old friends are coming
The curbalite has a very clear vision which works as if someone on a torch facing the glass and parallel to the eye level, it looks dangerous though it curbalite doesn't affect the eye
The country flag that is there makes you proud of your great country.

Then Why is it a scam, it offers the best for you.

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