Cuts Like A Knife.

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Cuts Like A Knife.

No, not the Bryan Adams song. A simple slice of life. Have a bite. If you enjoy life, it's delicious! If you do not enjoy life, you probably are the type this writer speaks about that would much rather shove a piece down someone's throat.

Communication skills form an important part of our everyday life. Even the non verbal type of communication whether it be body language or typed words.

Ever since Man became social , he has communicated by means of some method, be it gestures, or sign language or noises...even grunts! Later he invented sound - - languages, then writing which we now fast forward to electronic communication, and we find ourselves communicating globally via satellites through wire or wireless communication media. If there is a will there is a way.

But what gives us, or those that elect to, the right to use it as a form of hate?

"Still, I have yet to read or hear a credible explanation as to why people with jobs,

families and social ties utilize the Internet as an outlet for typing words so hateful, and with such enthusiasm.

I can't muster that kind of enthusiasm for ... anything. Even free cupcakes."

What a well written piece. Certainly worth the read.


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