Do I dare take this?

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Re: Do I dare take this?

Hot2na wrote:
you want antioxidants? (1) dark chocolate

I love the Hershey Kisses Dark Chocolate.  because you can eat just a few, get your daily dose of antioxidants, and then put the bag away... As opposed to buying a whole bar of dark chocolate and eating the whole thing.  I have better self control with them. 




Re: Do I dare take this?

Hot2na wrote:

STaRDoGG wrote:
it has a bunch of antioxidants in it as well.

you want antioxidants? (1) dark chocolate; (2) blueberries; (3) cranberries.


4) Triple Antioxidant... XXX VitaminWater... omnomnom



Vash the Stampede
Re: Do I dare take this?

i love vitamin water.  i just tried this mandarin flavor one that was good.

Re: Do I dare take this?

all of them are good!  the iced tea one is reaaally good.  also love the one anime posted.  drank it earlier today actually.



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Re: Do I dare take this?

Don't forget about anything with tomatos in it.. especially ketchup! Tons of lycopene, tons of anti-oxidants


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Re: Do I dare take this?

I once saw a show (who knows where and what it was) about how much of the multivitamin is actually absorbed and useful to your body. So one day I put one of mine in a glass of water, like the show said, to see how long it would take to disolve. I don't think it ever fully did! I know our stomach has more acid which helps the process but I was still kind of surprised! Speaking of pills, I was wondering...wait I should probably go start another thread lest I get bumped tot he brain fart room!!


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