The Day The Music Died

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My dad was a fan as well, even though he was only 4 when this happened. Every year he used to sit us down to watch "The BuddY Holly Story" when it came on tv.

Re: The Day The Music Died

All of them were supposed to take a bus, but Valens had a wretched cold.  Holly invited them onto his plane with him so that they would have a shorter trip and Valens wouldn't be so miserable.

Two people who were supposed to be on that plane, but missed the flight were Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings.  Jennings missed it because he gave up his seat to Valens & because he didn't like the look of the storm moving in.  Cash was initially invited on by Jennings (because they had been hanging out together that day), but stayed behind with Jennings when he bailed.


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