DeepFreeze is always running

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DeepFreeze is always running

Hi, I've been thinking about reformatting my computer for a while because way back then, in 2007, I installed Deepfreeze 5.0 on my computer. It worked alright, but one day I decided I would create a new partition and set Deepfreeze to thaw for one reboot, and then, for some reason, the program kind of "suicided". I think it deleted its data, but the .EXE files are still there. And now DeepFreeze is always, permanently running on my computer and it affects all my hard drives and I can't remove it for some reason. Is there a way I can get it fixed or must I really resort to reformatting?



Re: DeepFreeze is always running

Explain what you mean by 'can't remove it'... You're uninstalling from the Control Panel, correct?? Are you getting errors?

Have you tried removing it in safe mode? (safe mode will prevent any extra processes from running, which sometimes can make removing a program a bit more cumbersome)

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