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delete myspace

is there anyway that i can delete my old myspace
by reporting myself?
or anyother method?



Re: delete myspace

Go to your home page -> account settings - > in red in small letters under Change account settings, there's a link to cancel your account. You need to confirm it with the email addy associated with the account.

Oops - that's right - saw on an earlier post you don't have access to that email account, or something. I would just email myspace - explain the situation and provide all the information you can. It will take a while, but they'll eventually get back to you. Be patient - those automatic replies are annoying, I agree. It may take a month, but they will eventually see to it.

Re: delete myspace

From my understanding, if you put your display name as "Please Delete This Account", or something along those lines, they will delete it.  I heard that a while back from some source; I'm not sure of its accuracy.

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Re: delete myspace

I know some folks who had this problem. Delete all your friends. Delete all your comments, well just delete everything. Change you name to ? or % or whatever. Never go back. As far as you'll be concerned it is deleted. MySpace will eventually, maybe take of it from there.
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Re: delete myspace

well from what i've read of this person's earlier posts they changed their email addy for myspace and now can't login to there account. have you tried sending them a salute? i know its just for if someone has gotten into your account and changed your password but it might work for you too. 


Re: delete myspace

I think the only two options you have is what tattoodles mentioned the salute, or when there is a number or letter missing out of your email address. What have you done so far to try and retrieve getting into the account. We could go through the list and start checking things off.

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